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Healthy and fit you will be spoiled and pampered by our well trained staff. They will take care of you with our beauty products.

In our Spa and Wellness Area, you can experience a variety of treatments: from a massage to the individual fitness training.

ECG heart rhythms

A Boy and his Dog

Did you know that information can be shared between biological systems, leading to an impact on another living organism? The HeartMath Institute are the developers of one of the biofeedback devices we use in the practice. They conducted research revealing … Read More

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Stress And Your Immune Response

“Stress and the Immune Response” By Dr. Richard Barwell D.C.   The nervous and immune systems have a tenuous relationship; yet, both are critical for our survival. What is interesting is that it was not until the 1980s that the … Read More

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As we are Chiropractic Assocation of Ireland members your care is covered and included with all major health insurers, check your policy for your level of cover. Receipts will be automatically emailed to you after every visit making it easy to claim.

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