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A Boy and his Dog

Did you know that information can be shared between biological systems, leading to an impact on another living organism?

The HeartMath Institute are the developers of one of the biofeedback devices we use in the practice. They conducted research revealing the existence of heart-brain interactions among people in close proximity. Examples include couples sleeping together, a mother and her infant, as well as individuals experiencing coherent emotional states.

Furthermore, the institute has discovered that a form of heart-rhythm synchronization can occur during interactions between people and their pets. This finding has resonated with many pet lovers. An experiment conducted by Dr. Rollin McCraty, the Director of Research at the HMI, involved his 15-year-old son, Josh, and their dog named Mabel. Electrocardiogram monitors were used to record heart-rhythm data while they were together and apart.

In the graph depicting this experiment, the top portion illustrates Mabel’s heart rhythm shifting when Josh enters the room, sits down, and consciously directs feelings of love towards Mabel. As Josh intentionally experiences love and care for his pet, his own heart rhythms become more coherent. Interestingly, this change in coherence appears to have influenced Mabel’s heart rhythms, causing them to also become more coherent. Notably, there was no physical contact between the boy and the dog.

Regarding these connections that can occur from person to person and between people and pets, McCraty later wrote:

“Although more research in this area is still to be done, I do feel that we can affect our immediate environment. It appears that there is a type of communication occurring between people above and beyond body language or verbal communication. I believe we’ll see in future research studies that we are affecting each other’s moods and attitudes, both positively and negatively by the electromagnetic fields we radiate.

“In our work with pets and their owners, we’re seeing that a pet owner can create what we call a heart-filled environment when practicing heart-focused techniques (a cornerstone of HeartMath tools and technology). The pets respond by becoming more affectionate, more animated and more connected with the pet owner.”.

What do you think? If you do heartmath biofeedback training in the practice this is the reason we say to focus on a person, pet of place that you love. Because it makes a difference to your heart.

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