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Our Story

Vibrant Life Chiropractic was founded in 2005 by Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross and her then partner Peter Ross with the intention of improving the health and wellbeing of everyone that came to the practice. At that time the practice was called Life Chiropractic. Dr.Tammy had moved from Melbourne, Australia only two years prior, working as an associate chiropractor but was always keen to have her own practice.

In 2010 the practice name changed to Life and Balance Centre to cover the variety of services that we expanded to offer including chiropractic, biofeedback, neurofeedback and brainwave entrainment. At this time Dr. Tammy and her team became more brain focused and started using the Neuroinfiniti as an assessment and re-evaluation tool to measure baseline states of the nervous system and track care progress over time. 

In 2011 she worked with a star studded Irish men’s and women’s Australian Rules Football teams at the AFL International Cup in Melbourne and helped both teams win their respective competitions with the men’s final played in one of the largest stadiums in the world, the Melbourne Cricket Ground, only a short distance from where Dr. Tammy grew up.

Dr. Tammy served as Vice-President between 2013 and 2015 and President of Chiropractic Association of Ireland between 2015 and 2017. This was a busy time, but very rewarding to help advance the chiropractic profession in Ireland.

In 2020 Dr. Tammy had a baby boy called Bodhi, who now loves helping out in the practice and providing his own unique style of adjustments.

The practice rebranded to Vibrant Life Chiropractic in 2023 to bring back part of the original name and also include the essence of why people come to us regularly, to be vibrant. We continue to serve our practice members with the aim of restoring and maintaining health so they can have the most vibrant life possible. 

Vibrant Life Chiropractic

Our Team

Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross

I am very grateful to work as a Chiropractor. I cannot imagine anything else that would give me more joy and satisfaction in my life. I had many health problems as a child and was on countless medications...

Peter Ross

Director of Vitality
I co-founded Vibrant Life Chiropractic in 2005. I'm involved in the behind the scenes running of Life and Balance Centre. I'm from Co Longford and am a graduate of Natural...

Alice Turner

My experience prior to joining Vibrant Life Chiropractic includes working in the Community and Voluntary sector for a number of years. I hold a degree in Leadership and Community Development from IT Carlow...

What We Do

Brain-based chiropractic is an approach to chiropractic care focused on improving your brain and nervous system function so you can have a healthier body and brain and a better quality of life.

Traditionally, chiropractic has focused on the spine with the idea that misalignments put pressure on nerves, interfering with the signals between your brain and body. Adjusting the spine was thought to take pressure off the nerves and remove the interference. 

Modern day research in the field has revealed a different picture. The real reason chiropractic adjustments get such great results is they change brain function. Adjusting the spine is a powerful way to stimulate your brain. With a focus on the brain we go beyond just the spine. You can think of the care we provide as chiropractic-ADVANCED. During your care you will receive brain based chiropractic adjustments and where appropriate a customized additional therapies that help optimise the functioning of the brain and nervous system to ensure they get the best possible results.

To know what specific adjustments and therapies you require we perform a comprehensive consultation and exam. The focus is determining the underlying cause of your health challenges. With this information we can make sure your care plan is personalised to you so every chiropractic session is specific to what your brain and nervous system require at that point in time.

Who We See

At Vibrant Life Chiropractic we love to see people through all the seasons of their life as chiropractic can be just as effective from a 1 month old as it is for an 100 year old. Here are some groups of people that frequently visit us:


The birth process can be a significant physical stress for the baby chiropractic and from this very early time in the child’s life chiropractic care can help make sure they continue on the healthiest  trajectory. We gently assess and adjust babies to help their spine and nervous system function as well as possible. Common symptoms babies come to our practice for help with include colic, reflux, breastfeeding difficulty, ear infections and immune system issues.

Pregnant Mums

Chiropractic care can really help the mother during pregnancy. Chiropractic care will help to alleviate the aches and pains that come with being pregnant. Also having optimal spine and nervous system function can help you be the best you can be throughout pregnancy.


Chiropractic care is a very safe and gentle form of natural healthcare for all ages, including the elderly. We believe your age is just a number and you can be healthy at any age. As you get older there can be an increasing gap between your chronological age and your biological age. This means you can look and feel younger or older than what your birth year suggests. Brain based chiropractic helps you feel younger and more vibrant improving your health and the quality of your life regardless of your age.


At Vibrant Life Chiropractic we strive to make sure kids get a healthy start to life so that they become healthy vibrant adults. Our role is to help optimise their brain and nervous system function through brain based chiropractic. We see children for all sorts of reasons including anxiety, ADHD, bed wetting, coordination and balance issues, short and long term effects of concussions, improving concentration and many other reasons. Also we encourage the whole family to have chiropractic care and family members can get up to 30% off service fees.

Stressed Out Workers

In the fast paced modern work world it is common for people to feel overwhelmed by their workload and stressed out by their job pressures. When these feelings are ongoing over time they are detrimental to health, mental wellbeing, job performance and life enjoyment. At Vibrant Life Chiropractic we successfully help people suffering job related stress. This may present as anxiety, sleepness, constant tight muscles and muscle pain, irritable bowel, high blood pressure and many other symptoms of a brain and nervous system stuck in a fight or flight state. Check out our free self evaluation to see how you are currently functioning (link to self evaluation) and book in for a consultation with a Neuroinfiniti Stress Response Evaluation so we can see how exactly we can help.

Sports People

Chiropractic is well known in the sports and fitness world, allowing athletes get an edge on their opponents by improving their performance and function. Elite athletes from athletics, Aussie Rules, GAA, golf, rugby, soccer, tennis and many other sports use chiropractic care as part of their normal routine. One of the world’s greatest ever tennis player’s Novak Djokovic can get chiropractic care every day during a tournament. Sports participation can be a significant stress on the body and uncorrected problems can get worse over time. That is why chiropractic is important for any athlete or sports person wishing to perform at their best.

Dr. Tammy Verlaan-Ross

I am very grateful to work as a Chiropractor. I cannot imagine anything else that would give me more joy and satisfaction in my life.

I had many health problems as a child and was on countless medications. As the doses of my medications got higher, I seemed to be getting worse. By the age of 10, I started getting more migraines and I was constantly fatigued. I was so fatigued that I stopped my sport swimming and was taking countless days off school.

My coach referred me to a Chiropractor. After my first session, I have never looked back. After about a month, I was like a new person. Most importantly, I was able to go back to swimming, no more days off school and was medication free! As I went on through my care, my energy increased, I noticed that I didn’t get colds like everyone else and I just felt amazing! From that moment, I knew I was going to be a Chiropractor.

I am from Melbourne, Australia and am married to Peter Ross.  I have been living in Ireland for the past 20 years. We have a three year old son, Bodhi and an two year old Yorkie dog called Coco.  

Dr. Tammy's credentials:

  • Studied Applied Science/Chiropractic at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. This is a five year full-time degree

  • Over 20 years experience in practice in Australia and Ireland

  • Continuous education on advances in chiropractic care and natural healthcare

  • Trained in Neuroinfiniti Technology.  This new technology is used to measure how you are dealing with stress pre and post care.  It measures brainwave, heart rate and five other neurophysiological responses.  This test provides invaluable information on how you are working on the inside and can also be used for Biofeedback training where you can learn to gain control over these responses.

  • Acclaimed public speaker on a number of natural healthcare related and lifestyle topics.  She has been a headline speaker at many health events.

  • Numerous Irish media appearances discussing natural approaches to healthcare.

Peter Ross - Director of Vitality

I co-founded Vibrant Life Chiropractic in 2005. I’m involved in the behind the scenes running of Life and Balance Centre. I’m from Co Longford and am a graduate of Natural Science from Trinity College Dublin and am an expert in health data analytics. It was the amazing benefits I received from Chiropractic care that led me to be a part of Life and Balance Centre.

I used to be a bit of a health mess with frequent colds, tight muscles all the time and general tiredness.  Since starting Chiropractic care and getting adjusted regularily, I hardly ever get colds and have a lot more energy. I love sport and physical activity and Chiropractic care has also helped me with all the sports I play, including Australian Rules Football, Gaelic football, soccer, road cyling and mountain biking, adventure racing and skiing.

I have played Gaelic football at elite level for Co Longford and Aussie Rules for Ireland so I take my sport seriously. I find that I am more flexible, faster, have better reactions and mental alertness, can kick further, don’t get as many injuries and when I do get injured, I recover much faster. Chiropractic enables me to get the most out of my life, in everything I do.

I have also worked in a senior role for UnitedHealth Group, one of the largest healthcare organizations in the world. There my focus was on using physiological sensor data and artificial intelligence to predict early signals of health decline and build systems to encourage people to move along a healthier life path.

I’d recommend chiropractic care to you if you are interested in improving your quality of life as the results are amazing.

Special areas of interest include, natural healthcare, biofeedback, peak performance at work and stress management.

Alice Turner

My experience prior to joining Vibrant Life Chiropractic includes working in the Community and Voluntary sector for a number of years. I hold a degree in Leadership and Community Development from IT Carlow.  

Having the opportunity to work as a Chiropractic Assistant is both interesting and rewarding. It is always my goal to acquire new skills, and this position offers me the opportunity to do so. 

Having gone to several consultants, physiotherapists, and pain management specialists without success, I consulted Dr. Tammy. The experience of Vibrant Life Chiropractic has been life-changing for me. I have been able to resume my daily activities as a result of Dr. Tammy’s care. 

I enjoy hiking and photography and I am also interested in genealogy.


As we are Chiropractic Assocation of Ireland members your care is covered and included with all major health insurers, check your policy for your level of cover. Receipts will be automatically emailed to you after every visit making it easy to claim.

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