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Why do we experience headaches?

Headaches are a common complaint that we see on a daily basis in our practice. Headaches can arise from a wide variety of stressors which include:

  1. Physical stress (e.g. physical trauma, bad posture)
  2. Chemical stress (e.g. Pharmaceuticals, foods, cleaning products, air pollution)
  3. Emotional stress (e.g. finances, work, relationships, bereavement)

These stressors over time keep your brain and body in a fight or flight state where it is always dealing with a problem. When your brain and nervous system are in this state they cannot put energy into resting, digesting and healing. Headaches are a common symptom when your brain and body are constantly in a fight or flight state.

Can we help you?

  • Do you frequently get headaches?


  • Do you take painkillers but would prefer not to?


  • Are your headaches impacting your work and family life?


  • Are your headaches impacting your quality of life?


If you answered yes, then we would recommend you book in for an initial consultation and full assessment now

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