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General Pain

General Pain

Why do we experience pain?

Pain is often the last symptom that we experience when your body is not functioning correctly. Compensations develop as a result of the nervous system not communicating correctly. This increases the physical stress on the body leading to inflammation, poor posture and decreased function. Pain although inconvenient is actually a good sensation to experience as it is a necessary alarm signal to tell you that your body isn’t functioning correctly. 

Often people silence their pain with drugs, rather than finding the cause. If the oil light came on in your car, would you take a black marker and colour over the light or would you look to find out why the oil light came on?

Can we help you?

  • Do you have problems with chronic pain? 

  • Are you concerned about the pain your experiencing? 

  • You are looking for a non-invasive, drug-free healthcare?

  • You would like to feel energetic and healthy no matter what your age?

If you answered yes, then we would recommend you book in for an initial consultation and full assessment now

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